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Portafolio Personal

The most important thing I have learned from this class is that through technology and through learning Spanish I have access to an entire world that I otherwise would never have known about. For instance, I barely read my local newspaper, much less the newspapers of other countries, but through continual exposure to articles and videos and literature that come from Spanish-speaking countries I have learned that the world extends far beyond three square miles of Provo. While I may not have much concrete knowledge about the culture of these other places, this class has provided me with the technological and linguistic tools that make me feel like I can access this knowledge. Since I live in the western United States I plan to continue to use Spanish for everyday communication purposes, but as a humanities major I also plan to use Spanish to become more acquainted with world literature. I also plan on doing some traveling to Spain to look at Spanish art and architecture, and I’m also interested in travelling in Central and South America for various other culture/art related purposes. I could also see myself becoming involved in immigration issues. Overall, helping me be able to speak more conversationally about real issues has increased my confidence in my ability to actually use Spanish in a constructive way throughout my life.

Plan de negocios

Asignación para capítulo 1
William es de Peru
Ha vivido casi 10 años en los EEUU
Decidió a venir a los EEUU para servir una misión y completar su licenciatura.
Trabaja en la industria de información tecnológica
Ha vivido en Nueva York, Florida, y Utah
Tiene 4 hermanos y 1 hermana





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Acontecimientos Actuales
Titulo Premian 23 años de ProAire en la Ciudad de México

Enlace http://www.milenio.com/cdb/doc/noticias2011/1a7fff2d7bcd3d6044bcef47c50c888a
1. cotidiano que occure con frecuencia, diario
2. premiación evento donde se dan premios
3. impulsor alguien que impulsa a hacer algo
4. liderazgo situación de dominio
5. cobijo refugio

Titulo: Los suicidos son la segunda causa de muerte traumática en Mendoza
1. trastorno: enfermedad o alteración de la salud
2. cifra número dígito
3. letalidad cualidad de letal
4. tergiversación interpretación errónea de una palabra o de un suceso
5. paliativa que mitiga o suaviza el dolor o los efectos negativos de algo

Titulo: ¿Podrá Google resolver la muerte?
1. envejecimiento
Alteración de las propiedades de las cosas producida por el paso del tiempo
2. idónea
Que tiene buena disposición o aptitud para algo
3. alrededor
con que se denota la situación de personas o cosas que circundan a otras
4. polémicas
Que provoca controversia o discusión
5. indeleble
Que no se puede borrar o quitar

Titulo: Subtel: número de jóvenes conectados a Internet se acerca al de países desarrollados
1. desarrollados: acrecentado o progresado de un país
2. ubicar: estar situado en un espacio determinado
3. masificación: acción y resultado de hacer multitudinaria de una cosa
4. cobertura: cubiertra
5. escolar: estudiante

Titulo: México recibe 180 recomendaciones por violación al DH
desempeño: Realización de las funciones propias de un cargo o trabajo
extrajudicial: que no es por judicial, fuera de juicio
desaparación: Detención y retención ilegal de una persona por fuerzas policiales o militares
encabezar: Presidir, poner o ponerse al frente de algo:
amparo: Protección, resguardo, defensa:

Actividades Culturales

  1. For my cultural activity, I went with my friend to the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church on Saturday night to attend mass. While I had been in cathedrals before, I had never actually attended a service. The service was a reflection of both traditional practices and cultural sensibilities. The most obvious example of this combination was the culturally current music and singing interspersed with the traditional services. This is similar to my experience in the LDS Church. There is a basic structure of tradition, doctrine, and religious practices along with cultural activities such as the type of music and the type of activities and the emphasis on attending church with your family. I was very impressed to see how many families were together participating in mass. I didn't understand the service as well as I had hoped to because I was very distracted by the situation, but I did notice an emphasis on repetition and participation in the words that were being spoken. I was also able to shake hands and talk with a few members of the congregation. Overall, it was a very enriching opportunity to be able to combine what I know about European Catholicism, American Protestantism, and Latin American culture in one cultural experience, and I'm glad we have such a rich mixture of tradition and culture available to us in the United States.

  1. For my second cultural activity, I went to see the Spanish movie El Orfanato in International Cinema. I usually don't do horror movies, but since it was Halloween and I went with a friend, I somehow gathered up sufficient courage to watch it. I was actually very pleased with it. It was absolutely horrifying, and I sometimes still think about that little kid with the hood standing in the hallway and uno dos tres toca la pared. If this had been an American movie, there would have been no way I would have watched it. But the fact that it is Spanish made a big difference in my feelings about the movie. There was true art in the production of this film. While American horror movies are generally focused on gratuitous violence with no depth of plot, the most horrifying part of el Orfanato was actually the plot itself and the very real feelings of terror and grief that come with loss--losing a family member, losing a past, losing a dream. This film communicated a committed loyalty to place and family that I don't think is a common theme in American movies. Culturally, America is driven by the idea of continual motion--we must always be moving on from childhood, from school, from our families, from our jobs, onto the next big thing. I don't know much about Spanish culture, but a sense of staying rooted in our personal history and the places we grew up and the people we've chosen to live with seemed like an important part of the film. Those real human emotions gave the film its power. I loved it, and I love the opportunity to see high-quality foreign film because so much of American film makes me want to stick a fork in my eye.