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Aquí encontrarán enlaces útiles que nos ayudarán en el semestre a aprender mejor el español y sus culturas. (Compiled by Ricardo Cetz and Dr. Cherice Montgomery at Brigham Young University)
  1. Interpersonal Mode Tech Tools
    • Herramientas para la creatividad

Text-to-speech: type your text in the box, select from m/f native speaker voices in many languages (including LCTLs), adjust speech rate and voice shaping, then download your file

  1. Interpretive Mode Tech Tools

This is a useful tool to upload your final oral interviews and share it

  1. Presentational Mode TechTools

BlabberizeLogo.jpg- Take any image, add a mouth to it, record something for it to say, and watch it become a moving conversationalist!
Algunos ejemplos de cómo utilizar esta herramienta

GlogsterLogo.jpg- Free, multimedia poster-maker. Set up student accounts for educational use.
**All About Me Project (Spanish) Note that students can include their own voices!

GoAnimateLogo.gif- Create animated videos from stock characters, images, music, and effects, or upload your own and lay them in tracks. Students have to type text into Word and then copy and paste it in order to get diacritical marks.





- Quickly create slide shows with captions, text, photos, and quiz questions
  • La famille - Slideshow that uses possessive adjectives, family vocab., and famous people to create a fictional family in French
  • Fotos del espacio - Slideshow of photos of black holes, supernovas, etc., labeled in Spanish
  • Polar Bear Quiz - Interactive quiz about polar bears and their habitat
  • ¿Vida o sida? - Slideshow about AIDS in Spanish (note, some images may not be suitable for classroom use
  • Y ahora . . . qué? - Slideshow about aging in Spanish

PixtonComics.jpg - Comic strip creation site that will take Chinese characters (and translate them) - courtesy of Aaron Bray

PreziLogo.jpg - Create dynamic, non-linear presentations and concept maps

SlideStoryLogo.png - Allows you to audio narration onto a slideshow

SMSGenerator.JPG - Generate fake text messages
SnapshirtsLogo.jpg - Type in text, it generates a tag cloud you can print on t-shirts

solvrlogo.png- Allows threaded brainstorming

Storify.JPG - Electronic template for creating stories--allows linking to social media

- Students can select illustrations from real children's picture book illustrators, then use them to illustrate their own, original stories. Diacritical marks must be cut and pasted in (via Word, for example)

StripgeneratorLogo.jpg - A phenomenal site with stock characters that will appeal to students and allows them to create truly original work - chericem1 chericem1

stroome-masthead-logo.png - Collaborative video editing

ComicCreatorReadWriteThink.jpg - Step-by-step interactive comic creation template from ReadWriteThink

SuperstickiesLogo.png- Put your own text on a Post-it note image
- Make tag (word) clouds in different shapes
- Upload your text (or the URL of your blog) to make tag clouds in all sorts of very detailed shapes

= Use this generator to create a target diagram, then save and share

Teamviewr.jpg TeamViewer is a program that allows you to remote control another computer. This allows you to control your pc from a smart phone or tablet so that you can walk around the room during a presentation. It also allows you transfer files between computers or access files you forgot on your home or school computer from any other computer. Additionally it can be used as meeting software to allow you to video chat while showing your screen to up to 25 other computers which is good if you need to show the class how to do a new task or if you need to show someone how to do something from a distance. Its a very powerful free tool that you should play around with.- darcoza darcoza

Tellagami.JPG - Students can upload an image (such as artwork), create an avatar, and record their own voices telling their stories using their cell phones or iPads

ThingLink.JPG - Search for images in the TL, then "annotate" them with audio, links, text, or videos

ToondooLogo.jpg - A really nice site that lets you drag and drop characters, props, and even speed lines, etc. into comic frames. You can position things in front of or behind other things using the buttons at the bottom. Very intuitive and kid friendly. Be sure to click on all the buttons (Suggested by vidgan1)

ToonletLogo.png - Comic creation software
ToufeeLogo.gif- Make flash movies for free (14-day free trial, then you have to pay)

TrakAxPcLogo.gif - Free audio/video editing software you can download and use to make mashups

TwisterLogo.JPG - Create fake Tweets using this generator

UJamLogo.JPG - Create your own sound files, enhance your voice with effects, turn your voice into an instrument, save, and share

VocarooLogo.gif- Click, record, share

VoicethreadLogo.jpg- Photo stories that allow audio voiceovers and audio comments

VokiLogo.jpg- Speaking avatars

Wallwisher - Collaboratively "graffiti" by posting "stickies" on this online "wall"

50 Open Source Tools That Replace Popular Education Apps



ViewPureLogo.JPG - Copy and paste a YouTube link into the window. It allows you to view the video on a plain white or black screen without ads or suggested videos at the end.

GoogleDocsLogo.gif- Collaborate with other members of your department or school and easily share information without e-mail

external image logo_sm.gif
Language Tools

GoogleScholarLogo.gif- Search for only scholarly articles

JingLogo.gif- Free screencasting (requires free download)

MediaConvertLogo.png- - Free file conversion from one format to another

MeetingWizardLogo.jpg- Set up meetings, see a grid of people's availability

MyNoteItLogo.gif - Online notetaking application


OnlineStopwatchLogo.gif - Online Stopwatch - Use this to monitor group work, to count down how much "English Break Time" is left, etc.

PandoraLogo.jpg - You select the artist or genre and it generates a station that plays music similar to the style of the selected artist

PlaylistLogo.jpg - Search for songs, save them, and then make the playlist available to your students by giving them the direct link or embedding it into a wiki or website

PollEverywhereLogo.jpg - Quickly post a question and watch as the votes change while students text their answers to the poll. You can also download your poll as a PowerPoint slide to include in a presentation

PrioritizerLogo.jpg- Make a "to do" list, it helps you prioritize your tasks through a series of forced choices

RequallLogo.jpg - Leave yourself a 60-second message. It transcribes it and sends the text and audio file to your e-mail and to your online account

Rubistar.jpg- Edit existing rubrics or create your own

SAPLogo.gif- Great PowerPoint tools for soliciting feedback from your audience (including several that integrate with Twitter)

ScribdLogo.png - Upload documents to share with others

Send Tab URLs Firefox Extension
- Send Tab URLs - Send a list of links from open tabs to yourself or others in an e-mail message with this Firefox extension

SkypeLogo.png- Hold videoconferences with colleagues from around the world for free

SlideshareLogo.gif - Upload ppt presentations to share with others (Example: STARTALK: Developing Teacher Leaders)

SplashupLogo.jpg- - Similar to Photoshop, but free & online

SplicdLogo.jpg- Select specific segments from YouTube videos for viewing

StockXchngLogo.gif- Find copyright safe photos for free that you can use in student projects as well as published or web-based materials

SymbalooLogo.jpg - Create a customizable search page using icons

TestMozLogo.gif - Multiple choice test generator that scores the test and produces reports. Doesn't require login unless you want to save everything.

TubeChopLogo.gif - Show specific segments of YouTube videos


twitter_logo_header.png- A great tool for keeping up with the latest developments in your chosen fields

ViddlerLogo.jpg- Upload up to 500MB of video, then bookmark particular segments within it or allow others to comment on it

videolan-logo.png - Open source video player that will play almost anything

ViewPureLogo.JPG - Copy and paste a YouTube link into the window. It allows you to view the video on a plain white or black screen without ads or suggested videos at the end.

WikispacesLogo.pngWikispaces - Use a wiki to remove writer's block--allows you to make continual changes to your text, to move things around, and to keep a constant outline of the various sections of your writing in view via the navigation bar. If you cut a section, but think you might want to use it later? No problem--just make a "parts pile" page, paste the deleted section in, and find it later. Also removes the "Word crashed and I lost everything" phenomenon. Everything you type is captured in the history (as long as you save frequently), and you can always revert to a previous version of the paper if you change your mind midstream. GREAT for collaborative authoring as well.

YouSendItLogo.gif- Send large files to others using this service

YugmaLogo.gif- Free collaborative meeting software (requires download)
ZamzarLogo.jpg- Download and convert YouTube videos

Reference Tools

GoogleFightLogo.jpg - Type in 2 search terms to see which is most popular


Research Tools

DeliciousLogo.jpg- Save your bookmarks (a.k.a. "favorites") online & then access them from any computer

DiigoLogo.jpg- Same as Delicious, but on steroids (allows highlighting and archiving of webpages, social interaction, etc.)

GoogleAlertsLogo.gif- Make information come to you. Set up the alert and it searches the web and delivers updates to you

GoogleScholarLogo.gif- Search for only scholarly articles

ZoteroLogo.jpg- Maintain an annotated, sharable research library with searchable, printable notes and reports

Other Tech Tools

  • Applian FLV Player
  • Audacity - Excellent, free audio recording & editing software
  • Broadcast Live - Searchable site containing links to broadcast media (newspapers, TV, etc.) from countries around the world
  • Buzzword - Free, online, collaborative word processing
  • Cmap - Free social concept mapping tools that allow you to collaborate, attach documents and images, etc. (requires registration)
  • Flock - Free social web browser
  • Google Earth - Free program that allows you to see 3-dimensional views of the earth, cities, etc.
  • Google Talk - Free chat program
  • iTunes - Free multimedia player
  • Mindomo - Free, collaborative concept-mapping
  • Ning - Social networking platform
  • Photofunia - Upload a photo, select from a comprehensive list of photo effects, then save, create an avatar, etc. Photos deleted every 2 hours
  • Second Life - Free virtual world software
  • - Set up an ad-free, "disposable" chat room in one click. No registration required.
  • 21st Century Technologies - Links to handouts, information, and tools for language teachers
  • Twitter- Microblogging
  • Vuvox - Allows you to create interactive panoramas, interesting visual effects for slideshows that you can build from RSS feeds or photo albums, etc.
  • - Convert documents to PDFs while maintaining hyperlinks
  • HabitRPG

More Cool Tech Tools